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About Us

 The Niagara Gazette, founded as a weekly newspaper in 1854, published its first daily edition in 1893. Today it is owned by CNHI, LLC with headquarters in Alabama.

     From its inception, the Gazette has been committed to responsible journalism, serving the community with daily news coverage of events and happenings that impact its readers.

     For decades the newspaper was owned by Allison C. Deuel, a former business manager who served as publisher until his death in 1954, when the Gannett Co. purchased the newspaper. In 1957, the Gazette launched its Sunday edition. Within two years, its readership soared with construction on the $720 million Niagara Project that brought some 10,000 workers to this area. After the first power flowed from the complex in February 1961, the Gazette ran a daily slogan across the top of the front page to project the city's new image: 'King of Power, Queen of Beauty.'

    With Niagara Falls already known as a magic dateline (instantly recognized for its natural beauty) what happened here often made headlines across the U.S. and even overseas. Its reporters have always been on the scene, from the days when  laborers helped build the canal for the first power company and the suspension bridges over the Niagara Gorge to the bustling industrial sector Buffalo Avenue that once included 'The Home of Shredded Wheat' and the stunters that still  interest millions of annual tourists.

    After 40 years as part of the Gannett Newspapers, the Gazette was sold in 1997 to the Alabama-based Community Newspaper Holdings Inc.  In the fall of 2015, the Gazette relocated its offices from the century-old building on Niagara Street to 473 Third Street.

    Our print readership is just part of our footprint today. Our website and our mobile reach, aided by a massive social media presence, places our content in front of hundreds of thousands of readers, near and far.

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